Long-Lasting, Quality Cabinet Frames

Long-lasting, quality cabinet frames provide stability on which your worktop rest.  Many cabinet manufacturers avoid frameless cabinetry because it requires very precise machinery and installation. Frameless cabinets 4mm gaps between the doors of the cabinets, so the install area must be perfectly level. Its hardware out of sight, the European style cabinet defines the modern kitchen.

Fully-Assembled Cabinets

CSs cabinets are fully-assembled at the factory. They are then boxed and shipped direct to you, ready-to-install. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are designed to be assembled by a homeowner or contractor. The differences to the consumer include price, convenience, and construction strength.
Assembly of RTA cabinets involves a learning curve. First, you learn how to assemble the boxes. Then, it takes about 20-45 minutes to assemble each cabinet. Finally, it will take additional time to assemble drawer boxes, glides and other accessories.

Durable Cabinet Box Materials

CS Furniture Ltd provides you with Melamine plywood cabinets and doors, and requested by customer we use high quality UV High Gloss MDF. With plywood as cabinet material, you will have the confidence that your new cabinets can stand up to everyday use and won’t unnecessarily expand and flake when there’s the occasional leaky faucet.