Fully-Assembled Cabinets

CSs cabinets are fully-assembled at the factory. They are then boxed and shipped direct to you, ready-to-install. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are designed to be assembled by a homeowner or contractor. The differences to the consumer include price, convenience, and construction strength.
Assembly of RTA cabinets involves a learning curve. First, you learn how to assemble the boxes. Then, it takes about 20-45 minutes to assemble each cabinet. Finally, it will take additional time to assemble drawer boxes, glides and other accessories.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)
Most cabinets that are imported are RTA cabinets’ ship in parts, such as the cabinet, face frame, drawers, drawer glides, inserts, doors and hardware. They are designed to be assembled at the construction site. RTA cabinets are assembled using metal clips or plastic attachments, which tend to be less durable than wood construction. Whether assembly and installation are handled by the DIY homeowner, or by carpenter they is a risk cabinets may be damages during assembly.

Fully-Assembled and Ready-to-Install
Every CS cabinet is factory-assembled and ready-to-install. This means every cabinet is engineered to create a single piece that will arrive in one carton. No assembly required. Factory construction methods join wood parts using dowel joints,  glue, power fasteners and other industrial techniques. In this wood-to-wood construction, the pieces bond on a microscopic level, creating a quality kitchen cabinet with strength.