Durable Cabinet Box Materials

CS Furniture Ltd provides you with Melamine plywood cabinets and doors, and requested by customer we use high quality UV High Gloss MDF. With plywood as cabinet material, you will have the confidence that your new cabinets can stand up to everyday use and won’t unnecessarily expand and flake when there’s the occasional leaky faucet.

Varying Materials
Many cabinet manufactures and carpenters use varying materials such as Chip board ( particle board) MDF for cabinet carcases, these materials are not strong, they don’t hold screws well, any water spillage, which is a MUST is kitchen will find these materials swelling and disintegrating. Others use low quality plywood an laminate it will rubbers sticker, this are laminates are not wearing, and they peel over time.


Our Signature and Signature Plus cabinets are built with strong and long-lasting, Melamine impregnated plywood sides and backs. Consumer Reports recommends plywood as the premium quality option for cabinets. Plywood holds screws more securely and resists moisture better than alternative materials. It is resilient against blow-outs, dings, dents, and sagging. These benefits make it the best material for cabinet sides, backs, shelves, and drawer sides.